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Our Club Today

Today, our club has approximately 46 committed members, representing many segments in our community. There are advantages to being a small club. Being a small club allows us to become closer friends than is sometimes possible in a larger club. In addition to club activities, we do several outside social events every year. Although we are not a networking club, opportunities for business interaction do develop.


Become A Member

Persons wishing to explore membership with the Kiwanis Club of Marysville should seek out current members in good standing to express their interest. They will be invited to attend three meetings after which they can apply for membership. New member applications are reviewed and voted on by the board of directors at each monthly meeting when applications are presented. Once approved, members are notified by the board president and begin attending weekly meetings and participating at club events.


Membership dues are currently $200 per year. Members are billed semi-annually in March and September. 


Weekly Club Meetings

We meet every Thursday, Noon, at Casa Carlos, 413 6th Street, Marysville, CA.  Our meetings start at noon and end at 1 p.m. 



A worldwide voluntary service organization


Individuals who want to become personally involved in making their communities better places in which to live


Members working together to achieve what individuals cannot do alone


Club projects determined by local need



A social club, although fellowship and friendships are created through KIWANIS


Affiliated with any religious or political organization


A secret society with secret rituals


A political circle. When political issues are presented at club meetings, they are presented in a balanced and impartial manner


Serving The Children of the World

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